Spiritual meaning of lightning

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Om Mantra. DNA Repair. IQ Enhancer. Positive Thinking. Energy Perk. Weight Loss. Good Health. Pain Relief. Attention Disorder. Stress Relief. The ancient myths that Romans, Greeks and other early civilizations worshipped came from a belief in a spirit world, where gods and goddesses possessed both human-like qualities and sub-human powers. A handful of the gods relied on the power of the lightning bolt to threaten, scare or punish the mortals on Earth.

One of the most powerful of Greek gods was Zeus, and his weapon of choice was the lightning bolt or the double bolt. Throughout history, the double lightning bolt has been used in many different forms. One of the most negative uses of this symbol is associated with the Nazi Germans, who heavily used the double lightning bolt in their propaganda, emblems and pendants.

In the music industry, the double lightning bolt also appears in the spelling of the music band KISS and is used in the same manner by Black Sabbath. From photographs showing a black lightning bolt on her cheek to one of her own logos, Lady Gaga has embraced and identifies with the symbol.

A bolt of lightning cuts through a headless female body that continues on to her genitalia. To make matters more disturbing, the titles of and references in some of their songs involve Satan and hell.

These messages also come through in some of their album covers. When it comes to the popular reading series of Harry Potter, some believe that J. Rowlings received helped from the demonic realm in order to achieve success. Her books centered on witchcraft and sorcery. The main character, Harry Potter, has a lightning bolt on his forehead. Some consider this a sign that Satan had touched the young Potter.A thunderbolt or lightning bolt is a symbolic representation of lightning when accompanied by a loud thunderclap.

In Indo-European mythology, the thunderbolt was identified with the 'Sky Father' ; this association is also found in later Hellenic representations of Zeus and Vedic descriptions of the vajra wielded by the god Indra. It may have been a symbol of cosmic order, as expressed in the fragment from Heraclitus describing "the Thunderbolt that steers the course of all things".

In its original usage the word may also have been a description of the consequences of a close approach between two planetary cosmic bodies, as Plato suggested in Timaeus[2] or, according to Victor Clubemeteors, [3] though this is not currently the case. As a divine manifestation the thunderbolt has been a powerful symbol throughout history, and has appeared in many mythologies.

Drawing from this powerful association, the thunderbolt is often found in military symbolism and semiotic representations of electricity. Lightning plays a role in many mythologies, often as the weapon of a sky god and weather god. As such, it is an unsurpassed method of dramatic instantaneous retributive destruction: thunderbolts as divine weapons can be found in many mythologies.

The name "thunderbolt" or "thunderstone" has also been traditionally applied to the fossilised rostra of belemnoids. The origin of these bullet-shaped stones was not understood, and thus a mythological explanation of stones created where a lightning struck has arisen.

What Causes Thunder and Lightning?

The thunderbolt or lightning bolt continues into the modern world as a prominent symbol; it has entered modern heraldry and military iconography. Typical cartoon representations of thunderbolts lightning bolts. Thunderbolts represented on the Royal Engineers ' Ensign. Vulcan forging the thunderbolts of Jupiter by Pieter Paul Rubens. Thunderbolt through circle used as squatters ' symbol. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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For other uses, see Thunderbolt disambiguation. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. See also: Lightning in religion and List of thunder gods.It may symbolize a 'flash' of insight or inspiration. If so, you may have a guilt-complex that needs sorting out.

However, not all guilt-feelings are neurotic; your dream may be telling you have done something wrong. If lightning strikes you, or something that may symbolize you e. The archetypal symbolism of Lightning refers to God-like and otherwise superhuman power, and the reality of its threat. Accordingly, we need to examine our emotional reaction to the lightning and the physical location upon which the bolt strikes its devastating, yet illuminating blow.

Lightning symbolizes the spark of life and the powers of fertilization. The Hebrew word used in the Creation story may be translated either as light or as lightning. Australian Aboriginal mythology is more explicit in stating that lightning is a tumescent penis. According to the Atjiraranga-Mitjina myth, studied by Geza Roheim, lightning and bull-roarer are the erected penis of the son who is to be killed by his father, the thunder.

When God speaks it is to the accompaniment of crashes of thunder and flashes of lightning Exodus The Old Testament God is a god of lightning and also of fire, and lightning is his instrument Job 3ff. Jeremiah presents the God who created the world as a god of thunder and lightning while Psalm also alludes to thunder and lightning. The primitive Elohim was the god of the thunderbolt.

Ancient Babylonian tradition takes up this theme. To the Greeks, too, Zeus was the god of the thunderbolt. On the spiritual plane, lightning produces inward light since it forces the individual to close his or her eyes, that is, to meditate.

Lightning is a sign of power and strength, the manifestation of an energy which restores equilibrium Job In African tradition, too, lightning, as well as thunder, is the attribute of the almighty sky-god.

According to a Pygmy myth, lightning was the instrument - the divine phallus - of the elemental sacred marriage of Heaven and Earth, an echo of Indo-European mythology in which it was the instrument of Indra. The Pygmies also regard it as the instrument with which the sky-god punishes adultery.The wind is air in its active and violent aspects.

It represents the spirit, the vital breath of the universe.

When Lightning Strikes

Cooper points out that wind represents the power of spirit in sustaining life and holding it together. Hence the symbolic association of wind with cords, ropes and threads. As stated in the Upanishads"The rope of the wind The thread is the same as the wind.

It is also the intangible, the transient, the insubstantial and the elusive. Winds serve as messengers of the gods and can indicate the presence of divinity. Cirlot notes that it is held to be the primary Element of the four elements earth, air, water and fire by virtue of its connection with the creative breath of exhalation.

Jung in Symbols of Transformation points out that in Arabic and paralleled by the Hebrew the word ruh signifies both "breath" and "spirit. The winds, notes Cirlot, were numbered and brought into correspondence with the cardinal points of the Zodiac, so as to bring out their cosmic significance. In these countries, the wind was reckoned to possess certain evil powers. For the Greeks, though, this menancing implication, which they associated with Typhon, was reversed the moment when the fleet of Xerxes was destroyed by a tempest.

Wind has possessed a transcendental aspect in American cultural history. This transcental nature has found an interesting juxtaposition against a hard, material culture.

Winds were prevalent in the early prairies of the early American west and songs such as "They Call The Wind Miriah" were about this dominating wind. In American popular mythology the word wind suggests the collective consciousness of the culture, moving invisible but moving so that you can feel it. No one is sure where it comes from, where it is going, what it brings, how to control it. John Lennon in the famous Playboy interview with David Sheff when asked the question what moved the Beatles says:.

I'm not saying we weren't flags on the top of a ship; but the whole boat was moving. Maybe the Beatle's were in the crow's nest, shouting, 'Land ho,' or something like that, but we were all in the same damn boat. But this wind is not always invisible or benign as John Steinbeck demonstrates in The Grapes of Wrath. During the opening passages of The Grapes of Wrathwe are given some of the most powerful passages about wind in modern literature. It is a relentless wind that moves over the earth creating a dust which hides the sun of the day and even the stars of the night.

The dust which is made alive by the wind cannot be avoided and seems to have a life of its own.

spiritual meaning of lightning

There seems no way to avoid it, even inside:. The people brushed it from their shoulders.

spiritual meaning of lightning

Little lines of dust lay at the door sills. When the wind ceases, though, there is a change in the world and people who are inside their houses notice this change.

They awakened when the rushing wind was gone. They lay quietly and listened deep into the stillness In the morning the dust hung like fog, and the sun was as red as ripe new blood.

spiritual meaning of lightning

All day the dust sifted down through the sky, and the next day it sifted down. An even blanket covered the earth. It was only when the wind ceased that the people came out of their houses and saw this new world the wind had created. The dust bowl has begun. At the height of it's activity, wind creates a hurricane. Jung, in Symbols of Transformationnotes that a hurricane is a synthesis and a conjunction of the four Elements and is credited with the power of fecundation and regeneration.

He writes that it was taken up in this sense by the alchemists as evidenced in Jamsthaler's Viatorium Spagyricum Many graphic symbols owe their origin to the hurricane.I want to talk about lightning…because there is so much of it about lately with severe weather from global warming.

I was watching a storm last night Saturday 3 rd December and posted some pics of lightning on Facebook. Then I started thinking about what lightning actually means in terms of spirituality because everything that happens in the external world happens in the interior world.

More storms and severe weather from global warming resulting in more lightning. Hot air rising colliding with cold ice crystals creates static…this is a form of creation. A flow of electrons creates lightning which may flow to other clouds or down to Earth. If we want to manifest something, the flow of Spirit must be grounded in practical reality i.

When different emotions collide, there is a pathway for Spirit to come more forcefully into our lives. This is a very necessary element of manifestation or creation. Fire and lightning are symbolic of Spirit e. Ark of the Covenant and Moses and the burning bush. Releasing repressed emotions will give rise to more personal power allowing us to manifest creation and action.

So I was thinking about hot air rising meeting cold air and what actually happens. When they both connect, warm water droplets collide with cold ice crystals and produce static. This static builds up and a flow of electrons is finally released as lightning, some of which hits the ground which is neutral.

A positive electron is drawn to a negative electron and vice versa, but sometimes the ground is closer and so the lightning will hit ground.

When a person has large pent-up reserves of accessible anger and energies of depression, there is a large potential difference or charge that builds up just like lightning. This could happen with any emotions that oppose each other, e. It is true that opposites attract, so often we will meet people that are opposite to us in some way. Their energy coming into our lives will create a large potential differential. Fire and lightning are also in the realms of the spiritual world.

Cherubim Angels on the lid of the Ark of the Covenant the Ark is in our hearts causing the electrical spark that keeps us alivewhen their wings touched they produce lightning. Interestingly the Cherubim often have faces of children, so this is a clue that it is our inner child that helps create the path for Spirit to come through us.

Another example of spiritual lightning is the biblical story of Moses and the burning bush… Moses was sitting under a tree falling asleep. He was looking down at his chest as the violet flame of purification burned brightly in his heart. As he was half asleep, he saw the flames in his chest through masses of curly grey hair…he sported quite a large rug actually.

The burning he felt and saw was the Violet Flame of the Holy Spirit. This is the true origin of the biblical story of God speaking to Moses in the burning bush…I know because I saw it in Spirit.

How Lightning Influences us Spiritually

Back to lighting, so in order to get more personal power in our lives, we should be looking to unlock our emotions. When we can appropriately express emotions, rather than pushing them down into the Earth which is actually our physical body and when we can unlock our feelings and allow a potential difference to emerge with another person, we allow a path for the Holy Spirit to come flooding into our lives like lightning.

Of course, Spirit can also be destructive resulting in a life detox cleanout, but sometimes destruction must take place before new creation can be born. Channelling the lightning of Spirit will also give rise to life giving rains of emotions…we need these to experience being fully human.

These emotions that are a vehicle for the lightning of inspiration to flow through us giving us more energy to take action and manifest creation in our lives. Please watch the video below I posted on Facebook Monday 5 th December about my revelations about how the weather reminds us to connect with ourselves spiritually. Posted in Spiritual ArticlesSpiritual Healing.

Author: Rose Smith. This site is secured by:. Our Consultant Booking Manager is ready to help book your reading with the psychic of your choice. Minimum 15 minute booking required. Pricing for all other countries on request.The most basic definition of thunderbolt meaning is when a flash of lightning happens while thunder strikes at the exact same time.


The occurrence of thunder and lightning clashing together at the same time is uncommon. I think that, in itself, is symbolic. Thankfully, ancient cultures around the world have done a lot of pondering about thunderbolt meaning already.

Say what??

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Before meteorology and science explained away the wonder of phenomenons like thunderbolts, we humans only had our imaginations to explain such epic events. Around the world, the occurrence of the thunderbolt was thought of as a colossal shout from big, magical sources. Whether angel, god or goddess — the thunderbolt announced a message from an immensely powerful source. Essentially, witnessing and hearing a thunderbolt was akin to receiving a message from the heavens.

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Thunderbolt meaning deals with the creation of life. Perhaps the best example of this is found in that singular, memorable scene in any movie version of Frankenstein.

In this case, the thunderbolt is a symbol of liberating life, and igniting the cycle of living. With every ancient cultural view that sees the thunderbolt as a spark of creation, most of the same views also see it as a source of destruction.

Look at Zeus Jupiter. The thunderbolt is one of his symbols. He is considered a creator-father god in Greek-Roman myth. But he was also feared for his destructive tendencies. In Native American myth, the thunderbolt is associated with the Thunder Bird. Is that a thunderbolt in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? The idea of fertility is part and parcel with the creative aspect of thunderbolt meaning.

In many ancient cultures, the thunderbolt is a symbol of libido, virility and fertility. Anybody who drools over the Thor character in the Marvel comics movies can formulate exactly what I mean. I guess you could say Thor, and his thunderbolt are kinda like a sex symbols. The simultaneous boom is a very orgasmic feature too. You know that Nat King Cole song? He got stone-cold smashed with inspiration. In his case, he was struck by love. Thunderbolt meaning can certainly be symbolic of being blind-sided by love.

It is also symbolic of being struck by a bright idea. The thunderbolt represents a split second moment of tremendous inspiration. In Hinduism, the thunderbolt of Indra and Krishna are synonymous with the awakening of the Third Eye. This is a fancy way of saying the thunderbolt represents enlightenment, a spark of intelligence and getting groundbreaking ideas.

Whether perceived as a symbol of war and destruction, or an icon for creativity and inspiration — it should be clear thunderbolt meaning is surrounded with lots of smashing concepts. I hope this post offered you some thunderously thought-provoking moments. I also hope you take your curiosity about thunderbolt meaning further by doing your own research.

Symbolic Meaning of Lightning. Dreaming Meaning of Storms and Lightning.Please never stop giving your wisdom! Awesome reads. Post a Comment. A Seeker's Thoughts.

spiritual meaning of lightning

E-Mail Joe Panek aseekersthoughts gmail. The zigzag drawing, or carving, of the Lightning Bolt is a very ancient Symbol which is found in all cultures. Symbolically, Lightning, or Fire from the Heavens, is that Spiritual Flash which appears to come out of nowhere in order to instantly awaken new Thoughts and ideas within us. Therefore the Symbol of Lightning represents that Flash from Above which suddenly sheds Light upon those new vistas of AwarenessIllumination, Insight and Enlightenment which had been previously concealed from us.

Lightning often precedes rain, therefore it is also associated with Water. When viewed in this manner, Lightning is the supernatural force from above which destroys, cleans out, and purges whatever is old so that the Creative Water contained within the rain can moisten that which has been cleansed in order for new life, and new growth, to begin.

As a "bolt out of the blue" Lightning appears suddenly and without warning.

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It is an awesome statement from above. And, against the dark night sky, it is a giant and emphatic spark of Illumination which seems to come from an unseen Source. Mythologically and Symbolically Lightning is a weapon, or instrument, of the gods. With these thoughts in mind, it becomes easy for us to recognize and understand the Spiritual and Esoteric concepts Symbolized by the bolt of Lightning.

As an instantaneous and forceful instrument of Divinity, Lightning represents a powerful and unforgettable statement from a higher source; the blinding light of mental and spiritual Illumination from above; and a flash of inspiration or enlightenment which seems to come to us from heaven itself.

It is the heavenly fire of instant inspiration, enlightenment and revelation. In other words, Lightning is the Symbol of an Epiphany. It represents the Spiritual Moment when Divinity connects, and shares Enlightenment, with a worthy and well-qualified Seeker or Initiate which thereby elevates the mind, Spirit and Wisdom of this special individual to a higher Eternal and Spiritual plane.

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